Raw, Cold-Pressed, Organic Juices Cleanses for a Great Healthier Life.


A juice detox means that our bodies are processing liquid form of nutrients instead of cooked and processed solid foods.

JOOB’s Cold-Pressed juices consists of 100% raw, organic cold-pressed juice specially designed for optimal nutrient and antioxidant nutrients. We believe in only providing the best for our customers in Singapore.

By using cold-pressed juicing methods, it does not compromise on the essential nutrients our bodies need because our juices are made fresh and bottled straight.

Find our more about our JOOB detox process and how it can actually help you.


Toxins? The air you breathe, the food you eat, the water you drink. Toxins are in you.

A juice detox helps you to give those hardworking organs a break, a chance to relax, reset and recharge. Allowing you to start fresh and anew giving your body the reset it needs.

Helping you to feel better & look ever more awesome! Read more about our signature JOOB detox program and enjoy the benefits of a juice cleanse detox.

Need more answers? Check out our FAQs and our blog to learn more about JOOB and our juice detox programs that we provide.


The answer is simple! Great refreshing taste. Superior nutrition. Best quality produce for your body.

At JOOB, we strongly believe in the powerful benefits of juicing. Our cold-pressed juices are raw and nutrient rich.

We take great pride in using nothing but the best fresh organic produce as we want to create the highest quality organic juice for you in Singapore.

And according to our loyal customers, it should be that way. Read about our beliefs & what goes into each JOOB juice bottle.