Pre Detox

Order your JOOB Detox at least 3 days before you intend to start your actual detox so that you have enough time to prepare for it. It takes effort and determination, which you will not regret, so don’t underestimate the detox!

1-3 days before your detox – Start eating right! Refer to the do’s and don’ts list within JOOB Detox Guide for more information on the food/beverages to consume.

In general, you want to eat light and healthy, focusing on fruits, vegetables, healthy nuts, whole grains, and avoid coffee, alcohol, processed food, animal and diary products, sugar, unhealthy oils.

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During Detox

Rest early the night before your actual detox.

 Here’s the suggested schedule:

730 am -Wake up, be excited! And drink a glass of lukewarm lemon water to kickstart your body
8 am – Drink JOOB 1. Chew it. Enjoy the greenness and goodness.
10 am – Drink JOOB 2. This fruit-based juice aims to give you the energy you need for the day!
1pm – Drink JOOB 3. Continue to flood yourself with greenness
3 pm – Enjoy JOOB 4. This is the power detox juice!
5 pm – Drink JOOB 5. A lot of nutrients in this!
8 pm – Enjoy your nut smoothie. Give yourself a pat!
10 pm – Rest for the day. Repeat these steps for the number of days you sign up for!

In between these juices, remember to constantly hydrate yourself.

Refer to the JOOB Detox guide, or contact us if you have any questions.

On your first day of cleansing, you will probably have detox symptoms. Schedule some light activities like massage, facial, haircut, jogging, mani-pedi, sauna, swimming and etc. to take your mind off them! Try to relax your mind and enjoy the goodness the juices are doing to your body.

Post Detox: JOOBilation!

Be proud of your achievements! Your body is thanking you!

Now, go easy on your body. Your body is very clean now, so don’t shock it by indulging in rich, creamy, or unhealthy foods. Refer to the do’s and don’ts list again on what and what not to eat. We also included more detailed guidelines within the guide. We aim to slowly add solid food back into your diet, so give yourself 3-5 days after your detox to resume your usual diet.