Why Drinking a Glass of Green Juice a Day is Beneficial?

You’ve heard about green juices and the rave about it. You may have wanted to try it but here’s the question: How often should I drink it and how much each time to reap the benefits of green juices?

Well, here at JOOB we think that it’s best to drink a glass daily, especially in the mornings!

1. Daily Energy Boost: Green Juice?

We find ourselves depending heavily on caffeine to get us through the day, especially in the mornings.

Instead of relying on such stimulants, which can cause unwanted side effects. Drinking green juice in the mornings can replenish your energy levels quickly in less than 30 minutes since your body does not need to do extra work to break down any form of food. The best part? It’s all natural.

2. The Much Needed Nutrients

Kale a supergreen! Take your greens in a  cup.

Kale a supergreen! Take your greens in a cup.

According to the Health Promotion Board in Singapore, the recommended vegetables intake for an adult a day is at least 2 servings.

Example of 2 servings of vegetables:

  • ¾ mug (250ml mug) cooked leafy or non-leafy vegetables (100g)
  • ¼ round plate + cooked vegetables
  • 150g raw leafy vegetables
  • 100g raw non-leafy vegetables

With that amount of vegetables, it’s no wonder how we are unable to meet the daily target, especially with so many of us busy with work or school.

Having a glass of green juice makes things much easier! In fact, 500ml of green juice consists the equivalent of 2 servings of vegetables. The nutrients are almost instantaneously absorbed into your system. Your body does not need to break down the fibers and extract the needed nutrients.

Also, the nutrients hidden within your vegetables are now ‘unlocked’ which means most of it now goes into your body system.

3. Wider Variety of Food

We all have a certain kind of food we detest. Maybe the taste or smell of cucumbers may deter you from consuming it. While choosing the type of vegetables to eat, we tend to only eat what we like. This causes us to lose out on a lot of other vitamins.

By juicing the different types of vegetables together, the taste would be better than having to eat the vegetable on its own and we can replenish our needed nutrients.

4. Forming a habit

Drinking a glass of green juice a day will help you condition your body to reduce your carbohydrate intakes (subsequently makes losing weight easier!). Green juice helps you detox your body.

While you may not participate in a full juice detox program, the green juice will help your body clear up the junk and processed food you may have left in your system.

5. Why not fruit juice?

Here’s the golden question: Why not fruit juice? Fruits are healthy too and the recommended intake for adults is 2 servings a day as well.

Fruits generally consist more calories and fructose. While you may add a fruit or two to your green juice to improve the taste, pure fruit juice contributes vitamins at the expense of calories (red alert!).Therefore, for the same nutrients and vitamins, green juices contribute significantly lesser calories.

So for weight conscious individuals, drink the green!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Cliché. We say a glass of green juice a day does more than keeping the doctor away. Join us in the #greenjuicerevolution