Healthy Wedding Detox: Having a Juice Detox

It’s your wedding in a month and you come to a sudden realization that you need to do a bit more to look your best for your big day.

Let’s face it; wanting to look “better” mostly involves brides wanting to lose more weight, as they believe that they will look better if they do. Now the huge dilemma is, how can you shed enough pounds in time for the wedding without having to hit the gym for a gruelling 8-hour workout everyday and feeling hungry the entire time?

Losing Weight: Juice Detox?

Losing weight is not as easy as it seems and certainly not so when you are trying to resist all food temptations during your diet. With the growing emphasis on healthy living, the best method would be to exercise and lose weight the healthy way.

But for many of us, we don’t like to exercise and find it extremely difficult to lose weight through exercising. So an alternative here would be to undertake a juice cleansing/detox program.

Having a Juice Detox for Brides

Why juice detox? A juice detox helps us to lose weight and improve our metabolism rate without having to engage in vigorous exercises or workouts. It also helps you to stay hydrated and give you glowing, healthier skin due to the natural vitamins found in the fruits and vegetables used.

As the name suggests, juice detox helps your body rid itself of the toxins accumulated in it over time and improve the body’s processes. This is made possible by the fibers, which flushes out the toxins and prevent your body from reabsorbing them.

Juice detox also keeps you hydrated throughout and ensures that you get your daily-recommended fix of vegetables and fruits. The juices may also act as a healthier substitute for caffeinated or carbonated drinks.

Timing Juice Detox Program for Your Wedding

Green Juicing for Wedding: Enjoy a Juice Detox

Green Juicing for Wedding: Enjoy a Juice Detox

It is important that brides take note of the timing for these juice cleansing programs and read the guidelines. It should be timed so that brides would not be on a juice detox program one day before their wedding and on the next day the brides are downing champagne during their reception.

In fact, it would be best if the brides do not embark on a juice cleanse one week before their wedding. This is because it is difficult for anyone to ease into a juice detox program smoothly as you are only drinking juices and would not be consuming any form of solid food.

It would be best to avoid embarking on the cleansing during an emotionally intense or major life transition period, as you may be a little more emotionally sensitive than your usual self.

Wedding Brides & Crash Diets: Do it Healthily

Wedding bride and Crash Diet. How to cleanse better.

Wedding bride and Crash Diet. How to cleanse better.

Brides should note that crash diets are unhealthy and may be life-threatening if too extreme. While many brides undergo crash diets to lose a bit more weight before their wedding, it is ineffective as the yo-yo effect might set in and you find yourself putting on more weight than what you lost.

To prevent this from happening, brides can undergo juice cleanse to control their diet and lose weight a healthier manner as they continue to get their needed intake of fruits and vegetables as well as essential nutrients.

It is important that there is a gradual transition from the juice cleanse to the post cleanse diet. It is unadvisable for anyone to jump straight into eating large portions of solid food or embarking on any forms of strenuous exercises.

Post Cleanse Diet & Healthier Choice

The post-cleanse diet should consist of a diet that avoids alcohol, caffeine, sugar, processed foods, dairy, red meat and gluten.
So brides, for the same effect and same outcome, why not choose the healthier process and embark on a well-timed juice cleansing program to lose some weight and look better for your big day.