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JOOB’s Juicing FAQ! We get a lot of questions through email and customer feedback and we decided to compile the most common questions on our favourite cold-pressed juices! If you do have questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to drop us an email or just leave a comment here. Our juicing team will respond as quickly as possible.

JOOB Organic Juices

Are JOOB Juices organic??

Yes, they are! We only use 100% organic produce. Nothing Less!

How are JOOB juices made??

All our juices are juiced from a Norwalk Juicer! It is a two-part hydraulic cold press machine that extracts juices with maximum nutrients. The goodness in our fruits and vegetables will be extracted with minimal oxidation, so that they will have a longer shelf life. Your juices on Day 3 of your detox will taste as good as the ones you had on Day 1!

Why do my juices settle??

Settling is in fact very normal, and is due to the varying densities of all the different produce we use. If a juice does not settle, it probably contains additives. JOOB is all about being fresh and natural. Simply give you JOOB bottle a quick turn before drinking to ensure the juices are mixed thoroughly.

Do I have to drink the juices in order starting from #1 and ending with #6 if I'm embarking on JOOB's Detox program?

You are highly encouraged to drink in that order as we believe that is the most optimal arrangement. For example, #1 has loads of vegetables and nutrients and you can best absorb it on an empty stomach. #6 is filling and is ideal for a restful sleep. However, you know your body and preferences the best. If you feel a need to switch it up a little, go ahead!

What do I do if I'm allergic to some of your ingredients or absolutely detest their taste? Celery might ring a bell. ?

Not a fan of a certain ingredient? Tell us! You can either state your preference when you checkout, or email us at . We can always remove specific ingredients or provide alternative suggestions.

Is it Okay to Drink Tea While on a Juice Detox??

Yes, it’s good to drink tea while on a fast. We highly recommend to stay away from black tea and most green teas as they contain a heavy amount of caffeine. Since you are detoxing, you don’t want to be adding toxins like caffeine into your system. We get these from a lot of our business folks and we know you guys are such caffeine lovers!

White teas or any decaf teas will work perfectly! Pu-er tea is a great and light tea that is neutral tasting and light on the stomach.


Can I just purchase a bottle or two??

Yes, you can as long as you are willing to pay for the delivery charge. Alternatively, some of our customers sign up for a customized subscription program, which allows them to receive just two or three bottles per delivery, and the delivery is FREE! Contact us for more info.

Do the juices need to be refrigerated? ?

Yes, they do! Our mixtures are organically made and therefore highly perishable.

Can I bring the juices with me when I'm out and about??

Yes. A JOOB cooler bag is provided when you make any order with us.  We highly advise not leaving the juices unrefrigerated for more than a few hours.

Before JOOB Detox

What should I avoid during a JOOB detox??

Typical solid foods and everything that isn’t good for you! This includes coffee, regular tea, dishes high in sodium, highly processed foods, unhealthy snacks, foods with lots of sugar and fat, and so on.

You should also avoid cigarettes and alcohol when detoxing.

What are the benefits of a JOOB detox??

When you avoid unhealthy foods and drink nutritious juices instead, the waste will be flushed from body. The cells in your body will repair and revitalise themselves. Though individual results may vary, some of the most common benefits include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Increased energy
  • Relief from belatedness and water retention
  • Improved digestion and relief from constipation
  • Naturally glowing skin
  • Increased attentiveness
  • Relief from headaches
Which should I pick - the 1-day, 3-day or 5-day cleanse??

It’s up to you. You’ll reap more benefits with a longer detox, but it’s not for everyone. If you have never detoxed before, we recommend that you start with 3 days and work your way up. If you’ve done a #joobdetox before, we recommend going with a 5-day detox.

Are 1-day detoxes even beneficial??

Definitely! A 1-day detox is a great way to strengthen your immune system by giving your body a rest from your regular food intake.

How often should I do a detox??

A good rule of thumb is whenever you experience any of the following: fatigue/general lack of energy, sleeplessness, anxiety/depression, digestive problems, at the first sign of a cold and of course, before and after holidays or any special events that lead to overindulging.

I'm pregnant. Can I still do a JOOB detox??

We advise against it as the nutrients in the juices may not be enough or suitable for you during your pregnancy. Please consult your physician before starting any kind of detox!

Can I detox and also eat healthily? I don't know if I can survive on juice.?

In order to achieve the benefits of a cleanse, it is important to stick to the juice alone!

What should I do to prepare for the detox??

In the few days leading up to the detox, start eating right! Refer to the Joob detox guide for more information on the food/beverages to consume. You should eat light and healthy, focusing on fruits, vegetables, healthy nuts and whole grains. You should also avoid coffee, alcohol, processed food, animal and diary products, sugar, and unhealthy oils.

During the JOOB Detox

Will I be able to go about my usual daily activities??

Yes, you will! All it takes is to drink a bottle of juice every 2 to 3 hours, so you likely won’t have to shift your daily routine to accomodate the detox.

We recommend heading to bed early each night and getting sufficient rest.

Can I exercise during the detox??

We encourage some level of physical activity while detoxing! We recommend lighter physical activities such as swimming, jogging, yoga, pilates and so on. However, try not to over-exert yourself; listen to your body!

Will I suffer from any side-effects during the detox??

On your first day of cleansing, you will probably have detox symptoms as your body adjusts to the lack of solid food. You may have headaches, hunger pangs, and so on. Schedule some light activities like going for a massage, mani-pedi, sauna, swimming etc. to take your mind off things! Try to relax and enjoy the goodness of the juices.

Do I have to drink the juices in order??

Yes, we recommend it! The drinks are arranged in a manner such that your body will best absorb the nutrients. However, don’t fret if you accidentally drink the wrong one. It won’t matter since you’re still consuming all that healthy goodness!

Will I get hungry during the detox??

Drinking JOOB mixtures every 2 to 3 hours and staying hydrated will probably keep you satiated! If you really do get hungry and want to cheat, though, we highly recommend eating only raw fruits and veggies.

More About JOOB

Do you need the bottles back??

No we don’t, but please help us save the environment by recycling them as these sturdy polyethylene terephthalate bottles are the most recyclable bottle option.

Why doesn't JOOB use glass bottles instead??

Simple because we cannot ensure that we can collect them, sterilise them and re-use them consistently. Until we can, our PET bottles are considered more “environmentally-friendly” as they require lesser resources to make and ship as compared to glass bottles.

Do you need the JOOB cooler bag and ice-packs back??

Yes we very much appreciate it! As we can actually reuse them, and thus conserve resources. If you wish to play a part, please bring back the JOOB cooler bags and ice-packs back to our store at 3 Pickering Street,#01-43, S(048660). We, in turn, will offer you a $2 JOOB credit.


How much will delivery cost??

We charge a flat rate of $30 per order/delivery. If you order a 5-Day JOOB Detox Program, which consists of three deliveries, you will receive two free deliveries.

When can I do a pick-up on my juices if I select the self pick-up option??

Unfortunately, pick-up option is no longer available. Stay tuned for updates on this!

What if I cannot be at home during your delivery timeslot??

Simply email us at and we will do our best to make alternate arrangement.

What if no one is at home when JOOB delivers your juices??

JOOB will bring the juices back to our store to keep them refrigerated. You can either arrange for a second delivery on the same day or the day after, both will be chargeable for an additional of $30, or pick them up directly from the store the following day at no extra charge.

I have ordered and would like to change my delivery date. Can I do that??

Yes, you can! As long as you email as 48hours in advance from your delivery date and we will make the amendments to your delivery. No cancellation allowed if it is made less than 48 hours before your delivery date.

When is the earliest delivery??

The first date on the calendar when you check out is usually two days away. For expedited orders, please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Do you deliver to offices??

Yes, we do. We know you are hard at work! We will deliver to the lobby of your office building and you can pick up from there.

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