100% organic, natural, raw, fresh cold-pressed juice
#JOOBilationGreat Happiness & Health after drinking a JOOB bottle!

100% Organic Produce

At JOOB, we only use 100% organic ingredients. If it is not organic, sprayed with pesticides or grown with artificial fertilisers, we would not use it. In fact, it is worse to go on a detox with regular produce because the toxins from pesticides get absorbed into your body at a faster rate!

We take great consideration in deciding what goes into each juice bottle. Every ingredient has been carefully selected for their nutritious offerings, vitamins and taste!

JOOB mixtures taste fresh and wholesome whilst giving your body the nutrition it needs.

We chose to go the 100% organic route to truly provide a jam-packed nutrient dense juice bottle. Allowing you to drink freshness on the go and have a great juice detox for the body.

Our juices have brighter colours, more nutrients and stay fresh longer. Give your body an upgrade by grabbing a bottle now! #joobilationGreat Happiness & Health after drinking a JOOB bottle

Cold-Pressed & Raw

All our juices are cold-pressed from raw, organic fruits and vegetables.

Cold press juicers use just enough pressure to extract juice from product with minimal heat and oxidation. This method also preserves vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals and overall nutrients by up to five times more than any other juicer.

What does this mean for you? Cold pressed juice is the best possible juice you can consume! When you drink JOOB’s cold-pressed juices, you are cleansing the body of impurities with the highest quality nutrients possible.

Our fresh juices are powerful antidotes to endogenous acids and toxins.

You can bet that every sip of JOOB cold-pressed juices will leave you feeling rejuvenated, healthy and balanced!

Best Juicer

All our juices are juiced from the Norwalk Juicer, widely considered to be the Rolls Royce of all juicers.

The Norfolk Juicer is a two-part hydraulic cold press machine that extracts juices with maximum nutrients, so that you can enjoy all the goodness hidden  in our fruits and vegetables, and minimum oxidation, so that they can have longer self lifeFreshness with wholesome nutrients retained up to 5 days.

Your juices on Day 3 of your detox will taste as good as the ones you had on Day 1!

We LOVE Juicing

We love juicing and offer convenience and varieties!

We believe in the powerful benefits of juicing. We think everyone should do a detox, but if a detox is not right for you, we have single bottles too. We know that even with one bottle of freshly pressed juice, you stand to reap a lot of the potential benefits.

In fact, we love juicing so much that we open a shop right in the heart of CBD on 3 Pickering Street, Nankin Row, 01-43 (surrounded by China Square, Far East Square and Hong Lim Complex), so that you have the convenience of grabbing a bottle on the go.

If you come to our shop, you will even see the whole process of our production, and it is our hope that you too can pick up juicing and drink well! We are crazily producing in the mornings to produce the freshest juice, so pop by and get a fresh bottle or a specialised “shots” that is available in-store only.

Give your body an upgrade. #JOOBilation!

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